How a Caboolture Storage Centre Can Help You With Your Big Move

We get it. Moving house can be a big deal! Especially if you’re moving from one multi-bedroom home to another, or downsizing from a larger home to a smaller one. Moving house can often be an extremely stressful experience. In this article we will talk about how a Caboolture storage centre can help make your life easier, by providing peace of mind, ease of access, and a handy temporary solution during your big move.

A Temporary Storage Centre Solution

Oftentimes it can be hard to line up the sale of your existing home with the move in date to your new one. Whether you’ve already sold your home and need to find a temporary place to stay while you wait for move-in day, or need a place to store your items in the interim as you slowly pack up your life, there’s no avoiding the fact that moving house can be a time consuming and draining process.

And what about downsizing? In fact, today’s trends tell us that more and more baby boomers are choosing to ‘luxury downsize’, moving from sprawling suburban homes to luxurious inner city apartments. Whatever the reason, you may be someone who:

  • Lived in your family home for a while, the kids have all left, and now you’re ready to downsize
  • Ready to retire to your holiday home
  • Travelling or working overseas and need temporary storage after selling your home
  • Waiting for the move-in date for your new home after the sale of your current home

This is where a temporary Caboolture storage centre facility can come in handy. With short and long-term storage solutions, a Caboolture storage centre can help you:

  • Store large and small items, from valuables to vehicles
  • Provide boxes and various packing materials (you’ll always need more than you think you do)
  • Offer flexible payment plan options at affordable rates
  • Offer ease of access and 24/7 security

Caboolture Self Storage Options

Wherever you choose to temporarily store your items, you want to be sure that there will be a range of storage types and sizes that will accommodate all types of belongings, including:

  • Camping equipment
  • Holiday gear
  • Children’s toys
  • Furniture
  • Luxury or vintage vehicles
  • Outdoor gardening supplies

At Caboolture & Bribie Island Self Storage, we have a range of storage options to best suit the needs of our customers, including large covered outdoor storage areas (ideal for camper vans, boats and other large items), 1 x 1 metre lockers for smaller belongings, and 3 x 6 metre, vermin proof sheds.

To find out more about how our Caboolture storage centre can assist you during your big move, simply contact us via our website, or visit our facility at 18 Roseby Rd, Caboolture during our office hours.

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